Curtain of Light


'Curtain of Light' was created as the artist team, everything good studio, with Jack Kalish for our residency with das  institut Für Alles Mögliche at the Kanzlei gallery in Berlin.


Artist Statement

Curtain of Light is an interactive volumetric projection
installation. A barrier of light divides the gallery - which
visitors are encouraged to push against. The boundary
moves and sounds in response to the touch of those that
approach it.

In light of recent political events, it has become clear that
we are living in an increasingly divided and isolationist
world. However, many of these perceived divisions are
superficial. Curtain of Light highlights and dispels these
arbitrary and destructive divisions. Although both the
physical and psychological walls that divide us may seem
solid and unmoving, we show just how fragile these
constructs are. When you start to resist and push back,
they fall away.

Via this work, we create an environment which forces
people to confront the barriers between them. As an
interactive art installation that is open to the public, our
goal is to create a work that encourages strangers to
interact and connect with one another. Participating in
Curtain of Light acts as a catalyst for dissolving barriers
and bringing people together through a common experience.



A 3D camera mounted on the ceiling tracks visitors in the space. Custom software written in C++/OpenFrameworks analyzes people's motion, and a reactive line animation uses a physics engine to respond the the touch of participants as they approach and interact with the installation. Sound effects and samples are triggered in response to different events - such as when someone touches the line.

Special thanks to: Stefan and Ulrike Riebel (residency organizers), Marek Bareza (sound + programing help), Tim Best (documentation help), Ola Zeilinska (documentation help)