A Tactile sampler to encourage exploration and experimentation

This experimental piece is designed to facilitate and encourage experimentation with sound by pairing samples and distortion with tactile elements. The user is allowed to manipulate an array of sounds through an interface that responds to changes with haptic feedback.

This interface is meant to make sound manipulation more familiar and less intimidating to “nonmusical” people. By pairing visual and tactile cues to sound qualities brings a new richness to sound experience and experimentation. 

To interact, a user first selects a sound using the buttons. As the sound plays, it can be distorted by turning the three haptic feedback distortion knobs. 

Featured: adafruit

Each knob produces a different type of distortion. The unique texture on each knobs looks and feels like the distortion sounds. Vibration motors nested inside the knobs are programed to provide a specific vibration pattern that maps a texture onto the knobs that also feels like the distortion sounds. 

I was able to make this all happen using a midi controller, computer sound mixing program, an Arduino, processing, and some simple circuitry.