Projects completed in  <  24 hours

Parametric generative bike ornaments


I created a program using OpenSCAD to create parametric bike ornaments. Users can adjust the mount dimensions to fit their bike and, upload a .stl file of their choice. The ornaments can be attached to a bike using a standard zip tie

twitter bot

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 7.21.51 PM.png

An ode to capitalism. I scraped Amazon for the top 550 product names. A python script pairs two of these products at random and tweets it to create a new product you never knew you needed until now. Check it out on twitter @this_or_a_that.

All I Ever Liked (so far) 

All I Ever Liked (so far) is an exploration in quantifying and physicalizing my online persona. It challenges the “like” and forces the performer to confront the physical manifestation of their digital self. It gives semi-private social media actions a permanent form creating a vulnerability between author and viewer.


All I Ever Liked was created by scraping the Instagram API for all likes by my user account. This data was collected in a Json file and exported to a PDF document using Processing and, printed through a third party service.