Tensegrity sculpture

Intension is a large scale interactive tensegrity sculpture created for exhibition at, Burning man 2016, a week long arts event hosted in the Nevada desert. Intension explores the unique structural and aesthetic qualities of tensegrity architecture. Inspired by a eukaryotic (nucleus bearing cell), the same type of cells humans are made of, the sculpture features six steel struts held in alignment through tension and compression and a suspended nucleus filled with a reactive lighting system.



Intension was designed, prototyped and fabricated in collaboration with William Buchanan, Jack Kalish and the Freeform Tensegrity crew over a seven month period in Alameda, California. My role on the team was multifaceted, ranging from project management to creative direction, fabrication, prototyping and grant writing. Our highly collaborative process allows team members to learn new skills and contribute in a fast paced open environment. 


By day Intension reveals itself as a series of silhouetted lines suspended against the desert backdrop framing a triangular pyramid in it's center.


By night Intension attracts participants with playful light animations from it's nucleus that react to their sounds and the music of passing art cars.