wearable design explorations

Proxy Collection

Proxy was shown at Lunar Gala, the annual Carnegie Mellon fashion show.

The Proxy collection focuses on the relationship between people and technology. Using symmetry, synthetic materials a monotone palette, it abstractly represents the restriction in communication that is occurs moving from physical to digital interactions. 

The entire collection works as a timeline. Each look increasingly constricts the models’ movement and obscures their faces. A restricted body language and eye contact in combination with symmetry and synthetic materials makes it difficult to connect with the models on a human level.

Symbolic of the anonymous and impersonal nature of current digital interactions.

Video credit: CMU TV
Photo credit: The Thistle

Spectral Discord

Spectral Discord is a critique of sensory over-stimulation imposed by the modern media. Bright contrasting patterns and color blocked sections combine to create an intense visually overwhelming aesthetic that mimics the distracting nature of excessive media exposure.


Each look was designed and created by myself over the course of four months and exhibited at, Lunar Gala. The colored fabric pattern was also designed by myself and custom printed. In order to help offset the high cost of custom printing I applied and was accepted for the Emerging Designer Grant through the fabric printing company, Spoonflower.

Time lapse video of the making of a dress from Spectral Discord.

Show photography by: Jonathan Leung