How do you create new, intuitive interactions? 

Morris is no ordinary stuffed animal. Morris is an interactive toy that encourages you to turn it inside out and explore its innards. A playful combination of brightly colored fabrics and textures creates an engaging and explorative experience. 

Morris began as a student project and (after a lot of online attention) soon evolved into a successfully funded Kickstarter Campaign. Morris is still available for purchase at


The original Morris was first featured on  Gizmodo and Notcot where it received a lot of attention. Emails soon began rolling into my inbox, it seemed everyone on the internet wanted a Morris of their own! A good problem to be sure.


Before Morris was a fish she was a mitten and then a rock. It was a strange time but I’m glad Morris is a fish.


If Morris wasn’t an angler fish she might have been a rabbit. It turns out people aren’t too keen on turning fluffy inside out though and I don’t blame them.